Welcome to my site!. My name is Dani Troncoso and I a wedding videographer or photographer in Spain. I live in the south of Spain but I usually travel a lot to tell real stories with my videos or photographs. I have been shooting in Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca even abroad and other nearer cities like Marbella, Sotogrande, Málaga, Seville… No matter where you are, no matter where the wedding would be If you want, I’ll be there.

I offer an exclusive kind of video or photographs, but only one of them is possible at the same event despite I’m photographer and videographer I never delegate in other people. I believe this is an author work and I always offer exclusiveness to the grooms who trust me.


When I produce a wedding film I always try to know deeply the people I’m going to work with, not only the people themselves but the story and some important moments for them in their lives. No doubt, there are many little and interesting stories to tell that will be the focus of our videos. The wedding day is very important, of course, but it is only the consequence of something even more important, your story, you!.

This is “Trece” our highlights wedding film most awarded. It has named as “Best Story” in Inspiration Photographers and Unionwep, two of the most prestigious videographers and photographers associations. Recently it has also name as the “Best Wedding Video” by Afian (Andalusian Photographers and Videographers Association).

“Enjoying your memories is like living twice.”

Marco Valerio Marcial, italian poet.


Despite the most of the times I work as a videographer, some couples ask me to photograph them in their wedding days. As I wrote above I will only work in one event at the same time, so If you decide I’ll be your photographer instead of your videographer, I’ll tell about you with my photographs.

Here are some examples of our work in weddings as a photographers. As you can see we always try to find the moments instead of pose photography, looking for naturalism and spontaneity moments.


Planning on getting married in Spain? In our blog section you can find articles and ideas that can help you to organize your wedding day. Places to marry, local events providers, documentation and much more I will write in my blog section to help you.

Our experience with Dani Troncoso’s studio have been marvelous. I met Dani at my brother’s wedding the year before. Since that moment, I knew Dani would be my videographer. It was the best decision because now we have great film of one of the most important day of our life.

Juan Carlos & Desiree
Has been a perfect experience. Since the first moment we talked with Dani we were sure we took the right decision. No doubt! I would repeat with Dani and his team.
Andres & Noelia

When we contact with Dani we were sure he will do a great job, but even It was better. Our film has been recognized by many wedding videos festivals. We are happy we could share our story with so many people.

Jose & Javi

Thanks for being the person we could trust 100%. Thanks for film our lives, our best moments. We will never forget it. Thanks so much.

Ana & Tony

The best wedding videographers!!. Great people, great team and a great job. Fantastic wedding film. We can’t stop watching it.

Sergio & Elena

It was a great honor to have Dani and his team in our wedding. We met another videographers but when we met about Dani’s videos, we were absolutely sure. The best videographer you could find.

Jesús & Estrella

Dani troncoso
wedding filmmaker and photographer in spain


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