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Our wedding films are always based in people, in real stories. They are not traditional wedding videos but they are real and documentary films about their lifes.

If we focus our films in real stories every film will be different each other, because these stories are real, original and unrepeatable. So we have created three collection about our wedding films. “You and me”“Documental” and “Forever” where you can find different services for your wedding films.

In any of the collection we will always work two videographers, even a third videographer could join our team if necessary. We will look after every detail, lighting, phography, sound and the most important thing, your story.

You & Me Collection


You and Me Collection


I’ts our more economical collection. We always advise to make an interview in order to know about your lifes and your story. This interview will be very useful for us, It can guide us to edit your wedding film in a particular way.


In the wedding day, we will stay with you for about three hours before the wedding ceremony, filming the previous moments like making up and dressing and we’ll stay till the bridal dance.


We will produce a 20 minutes documentary film.

Documental Collection


Documental Collection


It’s our collection much in demand. We also advise to make an interview. Beside the all information about your story we will know who else are so important for you and we could make some other interviews to those special people.


Other interesting aspect in this collection is when a couple contract us, most of time this engagement happens some months before the wedding day. Many events happen before the wedding like testing the bride dress or groom suit, or any other important event related with the wedding. Most of couples always remember these events like great memories but have no videos of them. We could film some of these moments for the entire wedding documentary.


In the wedding day, we will stay with you from 3 hours before the ceremony time, filming on dressing and making up moments till thirty minutes after the bridal dance.


We will produce a complete documentar wedding film about 30 minutes of duration and a highlights video (4 – 6 minutes).


We also will upload the entire wedding film and highlights to our private zone where you could share your memories with the people you want.

Forever Collection


Forever Collection


In this collection we will spend more time with you. This collection is similar than “Documental” but we add other services to our wedding film.


We will have an extra session to take some shots before or after the wedding, what you prefer. These images will be so useful in your wedding film.


In addition, we will give you a CinemaBook. A new way for dellver our weddings films. It’s the perfect solution to enjoy your wedding film easily. 


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Do you always make interviews?

We focus our videos in real stories, so It’s very important for us to know as better as we can. We can get a lot of information about you, your story, people who are so important for you…, through interviews. So, we highly recommend them.

Can I choose the music for my film?

Selecting the music is one of the most important task of producing a film. It was easier if I answer yes to this question, but, we must ensure for the quality of the whole production. We use different kind of music to create different atmospheres during the film, emotional, drama, funny, so music is a very important tool for us. If you have any favorite music, you can suggest us, we will happily test it and we will use it if it’s ok with the film.

What is private web zone?

It’s a private zone in our web where you can watch your wedding film and highlights. We will provide a link and a password which you can share withEs un servicio opcional que ofrecemos. Los novios que lo contraten tendrán un pequeño espacio privado en nuestra web donde ellos decidirán quiénes pueden acceder. En ese rincón subiremos la película completa y resumen (si se contrata) para que sus amigos y familiares puedan ver desde cualquier parte del mundo su película de boda completa.

How can I save the date?

In case you are interested in saving the date, please contact us as soon as posible. We only book one date per event. We will prepare an agreement to sign through mobile phone or internet. The payment terms are the following: 400 € at the moment you sign the contract + ???? + 500 € at the end when we deliver you you film. ???? quantity depends on the kind of collection you have chosen.

Can I modify the optional services after signing the contract?

Yes, of course. You can modify (add or remove) any optional service if you like without any penalty.

Will be my wedding film shown in your website or social networks?

It is very important for us show some of our films in social networks or our website. Probably, you are reading these lines because you have watched some of other couple films. But, If you don’t want your video will be shown, please let us know. We will always respect your decision.

What is CinemaBook?

Cinemabook is included in Forever Collection but you can buy it separately.